Kola Karim, the polished and stylish international businessman and CEO of Shoreline Energy has a specialty, starting companies and nurturing them to success. Building extremely viable international partnerships is also one of his innate characteristics. What many may however not know about him is that he is fiercely loyal to his friends and whenever any of his friends needs support, he is always there to lend a hand. If his friend has an aspiration, to him, it is all or nothing. He never supports in half measures; he goes the whole hog.

The news now is that Kola Karim has built yet another partnership. Thanks to the man whose company recently acquired 51% stake in Entrepose, a leading provider of construction and mechanical services to International Oil Companies, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar’s presidential campaign has received a major boost.

Kola Karim has promised a support of $ 30.5 million. He also promised another ₦ 9 billion before the end of January. With that, Atiku will have no problem prosecuting his presidential campaign. Apart from the funds coming at the right time, it will most likely turbo-charge the former Vice-President’s campaign which is already moving at full gallop.

Those in the know have revealed that the relationship between Atiku and Karim did not just start. They have been close from way back and not only does Atiku believe in him as one of Nigeria’s most successful entrepreneurs, he had always seen greatness in him even as a young entrepreneur. Karim on the other hand believes in the Atiku project, especially for the good of Nigeria and Nigerians.

Apart from Shoreline where he is the CEO, Karim controls a number of other companies including Costain West Africa where he is Chairman of the Board. 49-year-old Kola Karim has also been a Director of Nigerian Ropes Plc since March, 2008.

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